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360w Monocrystalline Solar Panel with 1m cable

360w Monocrystalline Solar Panel with 1m cable

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This high efficiency 360W monocrystalline solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity in any grid-tie, hybrid or off-grid application (such as charging batteries in vehicles or boats, or powering an off-grid house or cabin, or working with a grid-tie / hybrid inverter to feed energy into the electrical grid). Due to the size of the area that this solar panel covers (nearly 2m2) it is great for large systems where the time and cost associated with fitting a high wattage array needs to be minimised.

In order to achieve high output this solar panel uses innovative 5 busbar solar cells, which are more efficient than the 2, 3 or 4 busbar solar cells used in other solar panels, and are able to extract more power from the same surface area. This results in a smaller overall solar panel for the same power rating.

On the back of the solar panel there is an IP68 (fully waterproof) junction box with 1m of special solar cable which can operate at high roof temperatures with minimum power losses. A pair of male / female MC4 compatible connectors are crimped on the end of the cable for easy connection to other solar panels, extension leads or your existing system.

The panel is encased in a robust 40mm thick frame made of anodized aluminium alloy for structural rigidity and many years of stable output. The waterproof design and non-corrosive materials ensure that the panel can be used in all weather conditions and locations, including marine applications where contact with sea water is likely.


    Solar Panel Specifications

    • Peak power: 360W
    • Maximum power voltage: 38.90V
    • Maximum power current: 9.25A
    • Open circuit voltage: 47.9V
    • Short circuit current: 9.75A
    • Power tolerance: 0/+3%
    • Dimensions: 1956 x 990 x 40 mm
    • Weight: 23 kg
    • Mounting holes for installation
    • 2 x 0.9m of high quality single core solar cable 4.0mm² cross section
    • Male and female MC4 compatible connectors

    Warranty and Safety Features

    We offer a one year warranty on our Photonic Universe Solar Panels.


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