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AG CAV Filter Surefit Olive 5/16"

AG CAV Filter Surefit Olive 5/16"

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The "AG CAV Filter Surefit Olive 5/16"" likely represents a specialized filter component designed by AG CAV for fuel filtration systems. With its Surefit design, it ensures a secure and reliable fit, promoting efficient filtration performance. The 5/16" size suggests compatibility with fuel lines or filter housings of corresponding dimensions. Engineered for durability and effectiveness, this component plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and reliable fuel supply for engines or machinery. While specific details may vary, its Surefit Olive design signifies a focus on functionality and ease of installation, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of fuel filtration systems.


  • Brand: AG CAV
  • Product Name: Surefit Olive
  • Size: 5/16" (indicating the diameter or size of the filter or fitting)

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