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Eurener 380W All Black N-Type Mono (Ultra Premium)

Eurener 380W All Black N-Type Mono (Ultra Premium)

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Eurener's 380W all black half cut panel is a high output and high efficiency panel. The Spanish manufacturer uses a highly developed fabrication process, including camera verification of welding, to ensure the high quality and consistency of the panels they produce.

The major advantages of this panel include:

  • High Product Warranty - 25 year product warranty with a 30 year linear output warranty.
  • High Product Durability - Significantly high output guarantee with panel performance remaining at 90% at the 30th year!
  • Premium Technology - N-Type and Half cell technology leads to increased panel performance.
  • High efficiency - Over 22% Efficiency.

As we're the premium partner for Eurener in the UK, these panels have an extended 25 year product warranty - a significant increase, at no extra cost to you - when bought from Midsummer.


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