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Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 24/24V 17A (400W) Non-isolated DC-DC Charger

Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 24/24V 17A (400W) Non-isolated DC-DC Charger

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The Victron Orion-Tr Smart non-isolated battery to battery charger, also known as a B2B or DC-DC charger, is a technologically advanced solution designed to charge your leisure batteries intelligently and safely while driving. Specifically engineered for vehicles with Euro 5 or Euro 6 engines utilizing smart alternators, this 17A model offers efficient charging with an adjustable output voltage range of 20V-30V.


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  • Smart Alternator Compatibility: Tailored for vehicles with Euro 5 or Euro 6 engines that employ smart alternators. Overcomes limitations associated with basic Voltage Sensitive Relays (VSR) in modern vehicle charging systems.

  • Isolation Technology: Non-isolated DC-DC
    converters suitable for systems sharing a common negative chassis ground between the starter battery and the rest of the electrical system.

  • Adjustable Output Voltage Range: Offers an adjustable output voltage range of 20V-30V, providing flexibility for various battery types and charging requirements.

  • Parallel Connection Capability: Connect
    an unlimited number of Orion-Tr Smart 17A units in parallel to increase output power, enhancing adaptability to diverse energy needs.

  • Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth functionality allows wireless connection to the VictronConnect App, available for download on Android and iOS devices. Monitor, program, and control the unit remotely via Bluetooth, providing convenient access to real-time data and adjustments.Features engine running detection mechanism for enhanced efficiency.

  • Screw Terminal Connection Points: Equipped with Tr screw terminal connection points, requiring wire stripping to a short length for secure attachment to the terminals.

  • Battery Compatibility: Suitable for use with both lead-acid and lithium batteries, offering versatile
    compatibility for different energy storage systems.

  • Use Cases: Ideal for dual battery systems in vehicles or boats where the alternator and starter battery charge the service battery.Essential for vehicles with smart alternators (Euro 5 and above) and systems incorporating lithium leisure batteries.

  • Temperature Resilience: Suited for high-temperature environments, with a full rated output available up to 40°C and operational suitability up to 55°C.

Warranty and Safety Features

Victron offer a superb 5 year warranty on their products. You can find out more about their warranty here.

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