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Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter Direct- 12V 250VA

Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter Direct- 12V 250VA

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The Victron 500VA Energy Phoenix inverter is a reliable and efficient power solution designed for off-grid applications, including campervans, motorhomes, RVs, and boats. Converting 12V DC power from your leisure batteries into 230V AC power, this 250VA pure sine wave inverter ensures a clean and stable power supply for a variety of domestic appliances.


Power Output:

Provides a continuous power output of 250VA, making it suitable for off-grid scenarios that use up to 250W.

Smart Connectivity (with VE.Direct Smart Dongle):

Enhance monitoring and control by pairing with the VE.Direct smart dongle.
Utilize the Victron Connect app to monitor inverter performance and configure settings.
Set programmable alarms and cut-offs for low and high voltages.

Use Case:

Suitable for off-grid electrical systems with a total wattage of 250VA or less.
Perfect for applications in campervans, motorhomes, RVs, and boats.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

Replicates the 230V AC waveform found in household mains power.
Compatible with a wide range of 230V appliances.
Prevents potential damage or operational issues associated with modified sine wave inverters.


Victron inverters are short circuit-proof and protected against overheating, ensuring durability.
High start-up power capability for loads like power converters, LED lamps, halogen lamps, or electric tools.

ECO Mode:

Reduces power consumption by switching to standby when the load decreases below a preset value.
Reactivates when the load exceeds the preset level, maintaining efficiency.

Remote On/Off:

Connect a remote on/off switch to control the inverter from a convenient location.
Provides flexibility in managing the inverter's operation.


Comes with a UK 3-pin plug for easy installation.
MC4 connection points simplify wiring for solar panels.

Proven Performance:

Backed by Victron's reputation for reliability and performance.
Short circuit-proof and protected against environmental factors

Warranty and Safety Features

Victron offer a superb 5 year warranty on their products. You can find out more about their warranty here.

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