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Victron Energy Multiplus Inverter/ Charger- 12v 800VA

Victron Energy Multiplus Inverter/ Charger- 12v 800VA

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JSA Marine is an official distributor of products from Victron Energy - the globally renowned manufacturer of high quality hybrid power electronics. Victron Energy inverters have a longstanding reputation for their outstanding reliability, innovative design and superior build quality.


True Sine Wave Inverter:

The MultiPlus
features a pure sine wave inverter, ensuring that the 12V DC power from leisure batteries is precisely converted to a clean 230V AC waveform.
Pure sine wave inverters are crucial for powering sensitive electronics, preventing potential damage or malfunctions that may occur with modified
sine wave inverters.

Uninterrupted AC Power (UPS Function):

In the event of a grid failure, or when shore or generator power is disconnected, the MultiPlus activates automatically, taking over the
supply to connected loads. The transition occurs in less than 20 milliseconds, ensuring that computers and electronic equipment continue to operate without disruption.

Dual Power Source Handling:

When connected to shore power hookup, the MultiPlus powers mains appliances directly from the hookup while recharging leisure batteries.
Upon disconnection from the hookup, the MultiPlus seamlessly switches to powering mains appliances from leisure batteries, eliminating the need
for manual intervention.

Charging Capability:

The 12/800/35 model allows charging of leisure batteries with a current of up to 35A, providing efficient and timely recharging.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

While lacking built-in Bluetooth or smart connectivity, the MultiPlus can be paired with the VE.Bus smart dongle. Allows monitoring of inverter performance and settings via the VictronConnect app, enabling the configuration of alarms and cut-offs for low and high

Versatile Application:

Suitable for various off-grid electrical system applications, including campervans, motorhomes, RVs, and boats.Ideal for systems where the total wattage of mains power appliances is 800VA or less.

Advanced Control Options:

Comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities through the free VRM app and VRM portal website.
Accessible locally or remotely via the internet from various devices, offering a high level of control over system parameters.

Warranty and Safety Features

Victron offer a superb 5 year warranty on their products. You can find out more about their warranty here.

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